Filming was carried out in quite a few areas in and around Tapanui – not just in Northumberland St/Main St. Some areas used were large, others quite small.

One of the smaller areas used was the gap between the La Hoods/Maddox Pharmacy and the Tapanui Courier/Farmers Supply building.

GS111s missing

See more about the gap here …


Main Street, Millhaven

Crew members spent about 2 months working on the shops and the areas surrounding Northumberland Street to turn Tapanui into Millhaven.

Filming in Northumberland/Main Street was mainly concentrated into a period of one week in April 2015 (during which it snowed – on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th. Some of the Americans had never been in snow before, so this was a new experience for them).

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At times, the street was filled with people getting everything ready for the next take …
MC170s missing An incident took place outside the Maddox Pharmacy, See more photos here …
The school bus made various runs up and down Main Street and some of the side streets
More school bus photos here

Sycamore Street, Millhaven

One scene required a Forest Ranger vehicle to be driven down Main Street (by Bryce Dallas Howard?). To film this scene, the vehicle was set up on a trailer in Sycamore Street (opposite the Sheriff’s Office).

These two Forest Ranger vehicles have the same registration plates.

Cemetry Road

Something was happening at the top end of Cemetry Road …
GS106s missing
Most of these vehicles
GS107s missing
with the action centered
(There are mountain bikes available for hire
were for the crew or cast
GS108s missing
on the Mountain Bike Track.
in Tapanui at Whitechapel Gifts. More details here.)
GS109s missing GS112s missing
A smoke generator and a fan were
GS110s missing
from which a lot of shouts and
used to create a fog in the woods…
GS111s missing
screams were heard.

Conical Hill

Coming soon …

Magary Mill

Apparently there was another mill nearby…
This sign was at the corner of Station and Northumberland Roads.
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MC178s missing


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