A suitable number of American vehicles were required to be bought into Tapanui for the filming to provide a realistic background. Some of the vehicles were destined to be driven during the filming while others were used to form a static backdrop – parked outside houses and shops etc.

Probably the first vehicle to arrive was the school bus which formed an important part of the film.

… initially it was parked in Dynes Transport yard …GS003s missing … filming along Main Street …MC101s missing

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More school bus photos here

The first cars to arrive were stored on the empty space between Tuck’s Pantry and the Tapanui Courier building, still wearing their American registration plates (except for the yellow VW, which is wearing New Zealand plates)…

GS006s missing GS007s missing
GS008s missing
American trucks parked around the back of the Missing MC078s PGG building waiting for the next filming dayMissing MC079s

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During the filming, various vehicles were parked on the streets, just as happens in Anytown, Anywhere …

… in the carpark at the Food Mart …MC152s missing … outside Gloria’s Fashion Coiffures …MC180s missing

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More parked vehicles here

Another important arrival was the police cars for the Douglas County Sheriff Dept. Apparently 10 were imported from the USA, but only 2 of them were to survive the filming intact.

… outside the Sheriff’s office …GS050s missing … a case of bad driving at Conical Hill? …CIMG4604 missing

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More Sheriff cars here

A few vehicles were obtained from museums or individuals in NZ such as …

the fire engine
MC190s missing
and the logging truckNL069s missing

See more of the logging truck here

Then suddenly it was all over and the vehicles were being taken away again …
HH120s missing

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