Bank of New Zealand – Sheriff’s Office

The old Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) building, built in 1919, was converted into a private home some years back.

For the movie it became the Douglas County Sheriff office. During the month of filming in the township, sheriff cars were often parked on the road outside the building.

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This plaque was positioned to the right of the main doors …
GS087s missing
… easier to read …
… the emblem above the doorway … with two of the Sheriff cars parked up
the side of the building …


These photos show the preparations being made to film one scene down Main Street …

GS073s missing GS075s missing
GS076s missing GS077s missing
GS082s missing GS085s missing
GS100s missing

The BNZ building still has the original bank foyer and Manager’s Office on the ground floor. The building was sold in March 2016 and is used as a private home.

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