Seasons – Movie Theatre & Seasons

The normal entrance to Seasons shop became the entrance to the Movie Theatre. Seasons remained open throughout the period of the filming, with access to the Post Office boxes (covered by the posters advertising the movies currently screening) being from within the shop.

(And yes, the posters showing what movies were being screened did change during the filming.)

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GS153s missing MC068s missing
GS056s missing GS057s missing
MC113s missing MC112s missing
MC111s missing NL004s missing
GS152s missing GS058s missing

Joyce and John McKeown sold Seasons in February 2016 to Pat and Donna Sloane.

GS222s missing GS221s missing

… and showing the new “New Zealand Post” signs …
(click on the photo to see the mural on the side wall)

SE001s missing

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